Easily manage your information

The IP Manager software built for your business

Our proprietary IP platform lets you monitor your full portfolio of Patents, Trademarks and Designs. The programme provides a constantly updated overview of your IP holdings and ongoing procedures, as well as access to all documents, renewal costs, expiration dates, and any other information you may need to easily and effectively manage your IP portfolio.

Keep track of your portfolio

Corradini clients enjoy all the benefits of our proprietary C-YOUR-IP platform, which they can use to easily and intuitively monitor their full portfolio of Patents, Trademarks and Designs.

Updated situation

Clients can log in from either a PC, tablet or smartphone and keep track of what’s happening with all their IP rights, view geographical coverage country by country, track the progress of any ongoing or pending procedures and monitor all costs incurred up to that point.


Document archives

Keeping documents on file will no longer be a burden, as you’ll be able to instantly access all correspondence with our firm, which is automatically saved and properly archived.

Costs and renewals

The platform includes specific features for calculating maintenance costs for each patent or design and renewal fees for each trademark, as well as for monitoring all respective expiration dates. It is also possible to create multi-year budget plans that can be incorporated into the company’s forecasts.

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