Make your mark on the industry

A crucial tool for the success of your brand

More and more companies view the trademark as the best vehicle to promote their brand’s values. Creating and consolidating a strong trademark obviously depends on the work a company puts in through the years, but also on ensuring their trademarks are properly protected.

For this reason, it’s crucial to work with qualified consultants who can properly assist you through the various stages of trademark registration.



A trademark is a strategic asset for any business. It is a factor of distinction that lets you stand out from competitors, but also a fundamental element in its brand communication, to the point of becoming a major part of a company’s value.


Once you’ve chosen the distinctive sign to associate with your product or service, it’s time to decide where to protect the trademark – either on the national, EU or international level – and what form of registration is most beneficial.


Trademarks are the signposts of the marketplace, informing and directing consumers during purchasing processes, and are thus a “cultural resource” on which most people – consciously or subconsciously – rely on.


Trademarks must be registered, used, managed and protected in a professional manner in order to comply with specific standards and regulations, and should be appropriately differentiated by country and/or geographic region.

Our consultants are qualified professionals accredited by the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi), the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

We can assist you with the following operations:


Preparing and filing applications for trademark registration in Italy, in the European Union and internationally



Prior art searches and opinions on trademark originality or interference with prior trademarks



Opinions on trademark registrability matters



Consulting and support during examination procedures for the registration of a trademark



Consulting and support during active and passive opposition proceedings



Managing expirations and forwarding all related notifications



Periodic or ongoing monitoring of trademarks, or of trademarks held by an owner



Filing applications for transcription and entry of documents for transferring or updating trademark ownership



Due diligence



Assistance in planning corporate strategies for trademark protection and IP portfolio optimisation



ssistance in drafting trademark assignment contracts and trademark licensing agreements



Consulting on all infringement-related matters



In-house corporate training on trademark-related matters for technical and sales personnel



Appraisal reports


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