In the articulated and international dispute between the two giants “Apple” and “Qualcomm”,   the latter registers a negative opinion by the Regional Court of Monaco (“Landgericht München”).

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus products have been judged not to be interfering with the protection scope of Qualcomm’s European patent EP 1199750 concerning a post-passivation interconnection scheme over an integrated circuit chip.

The decision could be appealed before the Regional High Court of Monaco (“Oberlandesgericht München), but the fact that the sentence was issued only one week after the trial, tips the scales in favor of Apple.

There are three more cases which are still pending in Germany (two in Monaco and one in Mannheim), whose verdicts are expected to arrive in the next few months, as well as other new counterfeit claims filed by Qualcomm again in Germany.

Considering also the disputes in the USA and in the other nations all over the world, the game seems still long lasting.