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A domain name is a virtual address that indicates and identifies any given website. A domain name serves to distinguish and identify the company using it, and is thus a key element of its “visibility” on the net. As a result, it is considered an atypical distinguishing feature with two acknowledged functions:

  • to indicate the internet address by which users access the website with that domain name
  • to constitute the distinctive sign by which an entity makes itself recognisable on the web.


Registration of domain names takes place on a “first come, first served” basis, whereby any domain name will be assigned to the first party who applies for it. In order to prevent potential interference or conflicts between domain names and corporate trademarks, it is advisable to check a domain name’s availability by conducting targeted searches covering company names, brands, trademarks and domains before proceeding with registration.


reassignment. These processes are regulated by official bodies that are appointed specifically to resolve disputes related to domain names, and which have the power to reassign a domain name to its rightful claimant and/or invalidate domain names registered in bad faith.

Our team of consultants can assist you with the following operations:


Domain name registration procedures


Consulting for legal or out-of-court resolutions on disputes related to domain names and trademarks


Filing petitions for domain name reassignment to the competent authorities


Domain name searches and monitoring