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Your product’s design deserves proper protection

The look of a product, or even of just part of a product, is becoming increasingly vital to its success. Products with their own, distinctive personality generate more interest among consumers, and exclusive rights on a product design can give businesses a competitive advantage over the competition.


The Italian system provides for the protection of a product’s external appearance through the legal institution of Design (registered and unregistered). Specifically, a registered Design protects the appearance of a product as it pertains to the characteristics of its lines, contours, colours, shape and surface structure, as well as the materials of the product itself and/or of its ornamental components.


The distinctive feature required for the protection of a Design can become an element of uniqueness that allows the company to stand out and be recognised by consumers through the mere shape of its product. Thus, a good Design won’t just reflect the ability of its designer but also embody a company’s vision and convey its identity.


According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), design is a crucial strategic asset that is even more effective when implemented from the earliest stages of planning, rather than being thought of as a merely cosmetic element. For this reason, Design is playing an increasingly key role even for companies whose products feature advanced technological contents.

Our consultants are qualified professionals accredited by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi), the World Intellectual Property Organization and the European Union Intellectual Property Office

We can assist you with the following operations:


Preparing and filing registrations of designs and models in Italy and abroad


Consulting and support for examination, opposition and appeal procedures


Prior art searches and opinions as to the validity and registrability of a design or model


Managing expirations and forwarding all relative notifications


Periodic or ongoing monitoring of designs, or of designs held by an owner


Filing transcription and recording petitions for the transfer or updating of ownership


Assistance in planning corporate strategies in the area of creative innovation


Appraisal reports


Support in preparing transfer contracts and design licensing agreements


Consulting on all infringement-related matters


In-house corporate training on design-related aspects for technical and sales personnel


Due diligence

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