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Direction and protection

Prior art searches relative to patents, trademarks or designs are instrumental both as a strategic tool and a preventive measure, used to investigate and discover what the state of the art makes available ahead of a given time.

More and more businesses are using this service as a key element of their planning – to direct their R&D and Marketing departments towards new solutions worth investing in – and as a crucial means of prevention – should they ever find themselves having to defend their commercial interests against the IP rights of third parties.


For any company, it is increasingly important to be familiar with the current state of the art in their field, in order to monitor progress made by direct competitors, to identify new technological aspects that may be of interest, to assess the originality of their own research results and to determine the possibility of patenting them.

It is equally crucial to know of any existing patent rights held by competitors, to verify their scope of protection, and to check their actual validity in order to avoid potential interference.


Before any trademark is registered and used, it is advisable to verify whether it satisfies the originality requirement.

This can be achieved through prior art searches aimed at identifying identical or similar trademarks already filed or registered in the same product area, which may conflict with the subject of the search blocking its use and invalidating its registration, while also wiping away all investments made in terms of research and brand promotion.

Our team of consultants can assist you with the following operations:


Searches by name or by topic among Italian and foreign patents for inventions, designs, and new varieties of plants


Searches among both the trademarks and patents held by an owner


Prior art searches for identical and similar trademarks, among Italian, EU and international trademarks


Searches among company names and domain names

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