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Cybersquatting: a growing phoenomenon

WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, has published data relating to the year 2018 on “cybersquatting”, i.e. registration, for speculative ends, of domain names …

QUALCOMM vs APPLE – 2nd round

After a first adverse result from the Regional Court of Monaco, Qualcomm scores a favorable ruling against Apple in one of the other legal cases pending before Germany courts that see the two tech giants locked in a long-running battle against each other…

Qualcomm: a first loss against Apple

In the articulated and international dispute between the two giants “Apple” and “Qualcomm”, the latter registers a negative opinion by the Regional Court of Monaco (“Landgericht München”)…

Declaration of use of trademarks in Mexico

It has become mandatory to file a Declaration of Use in Mexico that certifies the use of the trademark by the owner in this country further to the changes made by the Mexican law on Industrial Property since 10th August, 2018.