Stay protected from infringements and imitations

Monitoring and prompt action

In virtually every industry, the proliferation of counterfeiting and imitations is driving businesses to keep track of competitors’ actions with greater attention than ever. To this end, companies can take advantage of a dedicated monitoring service to track any newly-filed patents, trademarks or designs that may come into conflict with their own industrial property rights.

More and more companies are using this strategic IP monitoring service to gain in-depth knowledge of what competitors are offering in a given technological area or market segment, as well as ensure they’re prepared to act quickly and effectively should they find themselves in need of protecting their own interests.


Patent monitoring is used to keep track of developments and technological advancements in your field, especially in relation to the actions of your competitors. This provides you with a comprehensive overview of the situation that can also be crucial in guiding your own technical and commercial development initiatives throughout the world. Since queries can only refer to already-published documents, they do not cover patent applications filed in the 18-20 months prior to the query itself.


The service allows holders of the trademark(s) being monitored to become aware of any other trademarks that could potentially be confused with their own, giving them the possibility of taking proper action in defence of their trademark either administratively, by filing oppositions, or legally, for example via cease-and-desist letters and/or by initiating legal action.

Our team of consultants can assist you with the following operations:


Monitoring by specific technical area, with notification of published patents and models


Patent monitoring by specific technical area or by owner name


Trademark monitoring in Italy and abroad


Domain name monitoring


Monitoring of designs in Italy and abroad

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