Recognition and protection for your work

Works protected by Copyright

Copyright protection can apply to original creative, intellectual or artistic work in the fields of science, literature, music, visual arts, architecture, theatre, and film. Computer programmes (software) and databases, due to the choice and arrangement of materials, are also considered intellectual creations of their author.



The law provides for numerous types of protected works, but in order to be eligible for copyrighting all must meet certain basic requirements: they must be original, they must be creative, and they must be expressed in some form or fashion (namely, they cannot remain mere thoughts or ideas).



Authors automatically gain rights when they create the work, without any need to file official paperwork. There are two categories of rights: moral rights, which are inalienable, and property rights, which may instead be subject to petitions for disposition by the author.


Property rights grant the exclusive right to make a work public, the exclusive right to exploit the work financially, and the right to reproduce and distribute it in any form or authorise others to do so.

Our team of consultants can assist you with the following operations:


Legal consulting for cases of plagiarism and violation of rights


Assistance in preparing paperwork and contracts for the disposition or transfer of rights


Filing original works with SIAE (Italian Association of Authors and Publishers) or registering software with the Special Public


Registry, the SIAE and the Ministry of Industry