EU Regulation n. 2015/2424 was published on 24 December 2015 and will come into effect on 23 March 2016. Among the more relevant changes introduced, the Community trademark was renamed European Union trademark, and the OHIM will now be known as the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Beyond these formal modifications, the new regulation also brought some substantial changes, including a reduction in application and renewal fees as well as a reduction in the fees owed for oppositions and cancellations.

Starting from 23 March 2016, filing or renewing a trademark in a single class will cost less. Currently, the fee paid when depositing or renewing a community trademark includes up to three classes of product or service. Under the new rule, instead, application and renewal fees will depend on the number of product classes or service classes to be protected with a given mark.

It is important to carefully examine changes made to the list of products and services for already-filed trademarks. The new regulations state that trademarks applied for claiming full title for specific classes will be subject to a reduction in the protection they provide, as this will be limited to the literal meaning alone. Holders of trademarks applied for before June 22, 2012 will be able to apply for the amendment of the products and services indicated in order to adapt them to the new regulations. The final date for applying to amend the list of products and services is September 24, 2016.