Protecting your company’s IP rights

Customs surveillance against trademark infringements

The customs surveillance service stems from the need to combat counterfeiting at the source, stopping goods that are not original or bear counterfeit trademarks from entering the domestic and/or EU market.

More specifically, the customs surveillance service provides the following strategic benefits for your business:


Taking action against counterfeiters before their goods enter the market prevents damages and losses which can often be difficult to quantify.



Sourcing useful information about counterfeiters helps you plan any further action you may take to contrast illegal activity.


The service allows significant reductions in the cost of taking action against counterfeiters.


The service doubles as a precious market-monitoring tool.

Who is this service for?

The customs surveillance service is available to holders of industrial property rights (trademarks, patents and designs) subject to the filing of a specific petition – national or European – with the Customs Agency of Italy or, in the case of EU-wide surveillance, other member States. The service is active for one year starting from the date of acceptance by the competent authority, and may be renewed on a year to year basis.

Consistently with our mission to provide comprehensive IP protection for our clients, we are specialised in all aspects of the customs surveillance service, from service activation and preparation of all necessary paperwork, to support during subsequent stages when suspected counterfeit goods are seized at the border. It goes without saying that, within today’s increasingly international market landscape, this service can prove instrumental in safeguarding a company’s interests and supporting its growth.

Our expert consultants are at your disposal should you require further information or wish to activate this service.