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Every business has considerable assets in the form of Industrial Property, which are often not exploited to their fullest potential. Protecting any new solutions developed by R&D departments has become a key requirement for every company. The tools available include patents to protect new products, machinery, devices and industrial systems or processes at either the national, local, European and international level.


A patent is a legal instrument that gives its holder exclusive rights to exploit an invention across the jurisdiction of the sovereign state that has granted the patent. This means that, for a period of twenty years from the filing date, patents give their owners a precious market protection preventing anyone else from copying their technology.


Filing a patent should be considered one of the steps in a wider IP strategy aimed at increasing your business’s market share, protecting it against competitors, and creating opportunities for strategic partnerships, mergers or acquisitions. A strong patent strategy should always be seamlessly integrated with the company’s overall vision.


Since patents fall under the jurisdiction of individual nations, it is crucial to carefully choose where to file a patent: priority may be given, for example, to the countries where the main competitors are based, or those where the market for the patented product(s) shows the greatest potential. Often, a patent strategy focusing on certain countries allows businesses to gain significant market shares.


A patent is a true corporate asset that can help companies obtain funding or bank loans, generate revenue through royalty payments from license agreements, and even benefit from significant tax breaks. The possibility of profiting from this particular form of protection often serves as an incentive for companies to intensify their research activity and step up investments.

A patent is a true corporate asset that can help companies obtain funding or bank loans, generate revenue through royalty payments from license agreements, and even benefit from significant tax breaks.

Our consultants are qualified professionals accredited by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi), the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization

We can assist you with the following operations:


Preparing and filing patent applications in Italy and abroad


Consulting and support for examination, opposition and appeal procedures relative to Italian, European and international patents (PCT).


Managing expirations and forwarding all relative notifications


Searches and opinions relating to the validity and patentability of an invention


State of the art studies and feasibility opinions regarding products or processes


Filing transcription and recording petitions for the transfer or updating of patent ownership


Assistance in devising corporate patent strategies


Preparing transfer contracts and licensing agreements


Consulting on counterfeiting-related matters


Appraisal reports

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