The European Commission, with a note republished on 22 January 2018 countersigned by the EUIPO, notified all stakeholders that the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union is an event that will have consequences not only for the European institutions and the national governments, but also for private individuals, companies, and all economic operators.

Subject to any other agreements that extend the term or provide for transitional regulations, starting from 30 March 2019, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union and will be a “third country” with respect to the Union.

From this date, all the European Union trade marks registered or in application status, and the Community Designs registered, pending, or unregistered will no longer have effect in the United Kingdom. Also the European Union designations made through an international trade mark registration will no longer have effect in this country, and the claims of pre-existing national trade marks in the UK will no longer have any effect for EUIPO.

From this point on, all interested parties and the owners of industrial property rights are invited to evaluate and implement the actions necessary for maintaining and protecting their exclusive rights in the United Kingdom.

Our consultants are available to work with our clients and any other interested parties to provide all the information and evaluate the recommended actions for the most effective protection of their industrial property rights in the European Union and in the United Kingdom.